Don't Throw Your Damaged Pallet Rack Frames Away!

Introducing the Re-Foot!

This handy bolt-on foot plate corrects frame stance to be plumb and square after cutting away the typical lower damaged portion of your pallet rack frame. Strong 12 gauge steel construction securely supports and holds the post in place with optional hardware methods.

Works with majority of manufacturer's standardized 'Teardrop Style' Post of 3" x 3" dimensions, having vertical hole pattern of 2" increments. Custom placement of holes can easily be accommodated since this 'Re-Foot' is designed from CAD controlled input.

Straight forward benefits:
  1. Shimming of Pallet Frames is eliminated or greatly reduced by ensuring your beam elevations matched properly. If the cutting off damaged portion was not consistently uniform with other cut post, the 'Re-Foot' will correct that perfectly!
  2. Post loading and dynamic stresses are better displaced and protects the post from concentrated loading that can warp or distort post, weakening its capacity.
  3. Anchor holes are located to allow easier anchor installment just like the original foot.
  4. Optional 'Thru-Bolt' makes for quicker attachment than individual 'Carriage' nut and bolt connections. Both hardware have their advantages - ask us which is best for your application. 
  5. Acts as its own guide to cut the post at the right location. First turn the Re-Foot so that the bottom plate is against the face of the post with its sides wrapping around the post, then align the two anchor holes with the teardrop holes to mark the perfect cut line. Recommended portable hand-held band saws can make quick clean work for this task. If you don't make a perfect cut, don't worry, the Re-Foot corrects once attached.
  6. Go Mobile! Weld your favorite caster to the Re-Foot, or better yet, let us do it for you!
  7. Standard color is Green to better blend with that popular and typical color, however if you wish a different color, we can do that too!
Sold in pairs $18.99 list price per pair with Grade 5 hardware and is available to ship in 2 -3 weeks ARO. Terms: Payment prior to Ship, FOB Ship Point: Lawrenceburg, IN. 47025. Other terms and conditions apply - please ask us for a formal proposal. Dealer discounts available for stocking plan or larger volume purchases.

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